How to purchase Santo Stefano Di Camastra Ceramics in the United States

ceramicsThe Holy Cross Society has often talked about how to get ceramics from Santo Stefano Di Camastra here in the states. Shipping is difficult for the average person and the cost for a single item or items for a single person is typically higher than someone is willing to pay to have them brought over.

Bonechi Imports is an American Company based in Maine that imports and sells Santo Stefano Ceramics in the U.S. Today they have 320 items listed on their site for purchase and primarily work with 2 prominent talented artisans, Fratantoni and La Giara. Their site also has a nice write up about the S. Stefano.

So if you cannot make the trip, or are afraid to bring back the ceramics with you for fear of breaking, take a look at Bonechi‘s website.



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