Previous Queens and Courts of the Holy Cross Society

For the past 98 years, the Holy Cross Society celebrates their generational traditions and religious devotion with a celebration on the society’s grounds on the south side of Easton. Each year a queen is crowned and her attendants continue the tradition of exposing additional generations to the traditions of their Sicilian heritage.

2009 Queen and Court

2009 Holy Cross Court
2009 Holy Cross Court

2009 Queen Suzanna Francesca Cianci (Piscitello)

2008 Queen Lindsey Alfero

Attendants Gina Cecilia Palmeri (Bonano)
Maria Panto
Nicole Panto
Nina Theresa Boscia
Jullianne Mary Cianci (Piscitello)
Savannah Vincent (Gambino)
Tiffany Marie Piscitello

Flower Girl Olivia Kunz (Arangio)

Crown Bearer John Peter Harrison (Arangio)


2008 Queen and Court

2008 Queen Lindsey Alfero

2008 Queen Lindsey Alfero

2007 Queen Emily Murray (Boccadoro)

Attendants Gina Palmeri (Bonano)
Maria Panto
Nina Boscia
Suzanna Cianci (Piscitello)
Laura Spence ( Gerbino)

Jr. Attendants Julianne Cianci (Piscitello)
Lia Pignotti ( Frinzi)

Flower Girl Brianna Mary Nigrone

Crown Bearer Dante Maharry (Gambino)

2008 Court
2008 Court


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