Holy Cross Society Announce 108th Celebration Queen – Adriana Bruneo

Holy Cross Society Announce 108th Celebration Queen – Adriana Bruneo

The Queen Selection Committee of the Holy Cross Society of Easton,PA is very proud to announce that Adriana Bruneo has been selected as the Queen of the 108th Annual Holy Cross Celebration. Adriana is the daughter of Joseph and Cindy Bruneo and the granddaughter of Ignazio Bruneo.

Her Grandfather, Ignazio Bruneo, came to America in 1967 on the Christopher Columbus boat. He then became a member just a year later in 1968. Ever since her Grandfather joined the Holy Cross society, the celebration is always something the family looks forward too.

Adriana’s Grandfather met her Grandmother the same year he joined the Holy Cross. They got married and had two boys,  Joseph Bruneo and Vincenzo Bruneo. When they each turned 16, they also became members of the Holy Cross. Adriana has been a part of the court just about every year along with her sister, Sofia Bruneo. She remembers being the flower girl and wanting to grow up faster just so I could be Queen.

Attending this celebration makes her proud of her Sicilian heritage. She is more than grateful that this celebration occurs here because it gives her the opportunity to be surrounded by the people she loves and to celebrate her heritage.

She states “This celebration will always be an important part of my childhood and will forever be a huge part of my life.” One day she hopes to travel to Santo Stefano to see where this all started, as well as meeting her family that lives there. Being in the court and attending this feast has been a special part of her life and she looks forward to sharing my Sicilian heritage with her  children in the future.

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