Holy Cross Feast

Celebrating our Sicilian Heritage

We welcome all of you to our Holy Cross Feast. The Holy Cross Society was founded in 1911 by a local group of men and women who migrated from Santo Stefano di Camastra, in the province of Messina, on the island of Sicily. The Holy Cross Society, every September, celebrates our Santo Stefano di Camastra heritage of our families. Our fore-bearers in 1911 took steps to preserve part of our heritage by observing the Celebration of the Holy Cross. The Holy Cross Society continues to share many of the same cultural traits and traditions of our ancestors. Our Feast is scheduled each year at the same time as the Feast is held in Santo Stefano di Camastra. In Sicily, our predecessors have celebrated this tradition for over 1,000 years.

The Holy Cross Society is a quasi-religious organization whose major role is to celebrate and retain the heritage of our predecessors who immigrated to the united states from the small Sicilian town. At membership request, the Holy Cross Society working in conjunction with the Ladies Auxiliary, perform and support charitable work and contributions to our local area.

We hope you enjoy our celebration and thank you for joining us in our Feast of the Holy Cross. To view articles about the upcoming celebration as well as past celebrations click here. To view our past Queens and Courts click here.