Ever Dream of Living in Italy?

Ever Dream of Living in Italy?

Bormida, Italy

The Italians came over mostly at the turn of the 20th century. In fact if your family came from the area called Italy prior to 1861, you are not even Italian. The Kingdom of Italy was formed in 1861.

Our ancestors came over to America to find work. Southern Italy was stricken with poverty and men would come over looking for work with the intention of one day returning to Italy. What really happened was most, ended up sending for their family to come to America.

Since our time in America is so recent, we embrace our heritage more than others. Somehow as if encoded in our DNA, we want to go back to the mother land. Ask any Non-Full Blooded Italian if they are a “full blooded Italian” and the look on their face will change. They will get a sad feeling by not being able to state I AM FBI!

Well returning to Italy may be possible, that is if you want to live in Northern Italy. The town of Bormida may offer 2,000 euro for anyone that wants to move there and guarantee rent of only 50 euro a month! The small town of less than 400 is trying to keep from turning into a ghost town. People are leaving to the larger cities to find work. But if you are of retirement age and are looking for a simpler way of life, this could be just the thing for you. Find out more in the original Article Here.

Bormida is about 2 hours from Nice, France on the French Rivera, Montaco is only about an hour and a half by car. Florence is about 3 hours. Bormidia has 394 inhabatants and the nearest town of 17 kilometers has a coke factory, the major employer of the region.

Bormida is about 20 kilometres (12 mi) west of Savona (as the crow flies) in the upper Val Bormida between the mountain peaks of Settepani, elevation 1,386 metres (4,547 ft), and Ronco di Maglio, elevation 1,108 metres (3,635 ft). The Bormida di Pallare, a tributary of the Bormida di Spigno, flows through its territory.

Bormida borders the communes of Calice Ligure, Calizzano, Mallare, Osiglia, Pallare, and Rialto. Find out more about the town in their wikipedia page here.

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