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Did you know you can buy jewelry from Santo Stefano Di Camastra? Callas Art and Jewels in the heart of Santo Stefano Di Camastra will ship their products to the United States directly to you.

On my trip to Santo Stefano in September in 2016, I met Christine in the art and jewelry shoppe. The shoppe is absolutely stunning and is the former home of the Sergio Barons. Built next to the communities main church, Bishops and Kings¬† stayed in what was considered the most beautiful building in the town for centuries. Eventually the property fell into ruin. About 20 years ago ,Franco Zammataro fell in love with the property and revitalized it to it’s current beauty.

Today, you go walk into Callas Jewelry store and see the original beauty that was once reserved only for the elite and it seems fitting that it is now the home of Callas Art & Jewels, after all; once there it must have been home to great works of art and royal jewelry.

While I was touring Santo Stefano in 2016, I wanted to bring back something for my wife and children. I was afraid of damaging ceramics on the flight home so I was looking for something else. That is how I found Callas along with some of my travel companions. I ended up buying pearls for them. I bought a bracelet for each of them and a matching necklace for my wife.

Recently, my wife and I were discussing a graduation gift for my daughter. My wife wanted to get her something to keep and always look back on. We struggled to think of something we could afford among the graduation party and college expenses we were about to incur in the upcoming months. Through the discussion I remembered the necklace I bought for my wife and suggested we get that for her graduation present. I contacted Callas and found that they do indeed ship to the United States and Shipping would be about 25 euro. Perfect, in fact, I am thinking I should buy 2, my younger daughter will graduate in 6 years and I can be ready. The process was easy talking via email with Christine and her son Lollo. I paid via paypal and the necklaces are on their way.

So if you are fortunate enough to find yourself in Santo Stefano Di Camastra, stop in at Callas, see the beautiful landmark and look be stunned by the beauty that you can buy and the atmosphere you are in, this space as once occupied by the kings of the region. If you are looking to buy jewelry for someone special or yourself and want something better than what you find in the states, remember most jewelry stores carry mostly 14k and Italy is mostly 18k, then send them a note through their webpage and see if they have something you are looking for.


C. Vittorio Emanuele 46
Santo Stefano Di Camastra (ME)

TELEPHONE: 0921 337092

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