105th Celebration Queen & Court

105th Celebration Queen & Court

Gabriella Duffy

105th Celebration Queen, Gabriella Duffy
105th Celebration Queen, Gabriella Duffy

Gabriella Duffy is the daughter of Paul and Sera (Sottosanti) Duffy of Nazareth, PA. A Senior at Bethlehem Catholic High School, she is looking forward to attending college after graduation, majoring in international business. She plays tennis for BECA, as well as being a member of the Key Club, Fact Club and Debate Team. She is also serve as a Peer Listener. She has two brothers, Michael and Joseph.

Gabriella’s family heritage and connection to Santo Stefano has been very important to her. Her grandfather, Salvatore Sottosanti immigrated from Santo Stefano in 1912, settling in Easton. He would grow up in the Easton community of immigrants from Santo Stefano. Her grandmother, Maria Maiorana Sottasanti also lived in Santo Stefano. They would meet here in the 1960’s and eventually Maria came to Easton where they were married and lived. They had two daughters, Gabriella’s mother Serafina and aunt, Maria.

She has been very fortunate to be raised in the strong culture of Sicily and Santo Stefano. Her first trip back to Sicily was when she was only a baby. The family has traveled multiple times since then to visit Santo Stefano and all of our family there. She has even been fortunate enough to celebrate Letto Santo in Santo Stefano. Her youngest brother, Joseph, was baptized in Sicily, and this year she will be there once again for his godmother’s wedding.

The traditions of the Sicilian culture are a very important part of her life. Mass, Sunday pasta, family and the yearly Letto Santo serve to give her a strong foundation of who she is and how she is able to continue these traditions into the next generation as a proud descendant of Santo Stefano di Camastra.

The Holy Cross celebration is one of her favorite parts of the year. She loves the celebration of her heritage and coming together with all the people that share that same heritage. She has served on the Holy Cross Court for over 7 years and has enjoyed every year. Gabriella is honored to be the queen of the court that she has been a part of for so many years.

2015 Court

105th Celebration Court
105th Celebration Court

2016 Queen – Gabriella Duffy (Sottosanti)
2015 Queen – Madison Panto

Maria Margaret Murray (Frinzi & Boccadoro Families)
Brianna Nigrone

Jr. Attendants
Paige Panto
Ella Trunzo (Spaziani)

Flower Girls:
Ainsley E Lago (Panto, Piperato)
Natalie DeNardo (Panto)
Mya Grays (Spaziani)
Lyla Grays (Spaziani)

Crown Bearer:
Santino Morici

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